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Welcome to SkyPixel Media. Portable and Agile aerial filming

Specializing in low-altitude aerial cinematography, video and photos, SkyPixel Media captures images

at angles previously thought impossible.


Custom Tailered to Your Event

No matter the scale or depth of your project we can provide flexible and affordable services to fit your needs.

High-Quality Production

High-Quality Production

We film in multiple High-Definition formats and are experienced in post-production editing. Your project will look vibrant, smooth and immersive.


Shake up your Social Media

We produce dynamic and creative event production videos. Check out our work and see how it can engage your target audience!

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About Us

SkyPixel Media provides leading edge aerial cinematography for adventure races, action and motorsport events, commercial advertising, and destination travel. We employ compact and transportable technology that allows us to be on-site anywhere.

About Us

At SkyPixel Media, we offer low altitude aerial cinematography with the latest and greatest equipment. We specialize in capturing breathtaking and truly immersive images while adding value to your production. We are highly trained and experienced in filmaking and bring innovative and dynamic aerial opportunities to life that were previously thought impossible.

Online video marketing is crucial to the success of any event. Whether it be a race recap video or event coverage to add to your media branding, aerial filming will catch the eye of the observer and get your production the visibility you desire.

Why aerial video production?
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  • "This was our first time working with SkyPixel Media and I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience. Aerial videography of a triathlon event in a remote mountain setting presented a number of venue challenges. We had to navigate tight canyon walls, water, cliffs etc. but the crew from SkyPixel took my vision for the event and executed it to perfection. I can't say enough about their skill set, ability to adapt on the fly, and also grasp the overall scope of the project. The same goes for their editing skills that blew away all our expectations for a 3-4 min highlight piece."

    Lance Panigutti, Owner WithoutLimits LLC withoutlimits.co

  • "I hired SkyPixel Media for two of my events in 2014. After utilizing their services, I am happy to highly recommend SkyPixel Media. We needed drone footage to document The Color Run event and to create new media content. SkyPixel Media performed exceedingly well in capturing all of the important aspects of the event. The video quality was great and I was supplied with a substantial amount of footage. SkyPixel media is well organized, equipped, and professional. Overall, I was impressed with SkyPixel Media's abilities and I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation. I will definitely use SkyPixel media to capture drone footage for my events in the future."

    Louis Wills, Race Director The Color Run LLC www.thecolorrun.com

Our Services

Our Services are delivered by the SkyPixel Media team with a passion for innovative filming and dynamic video event production.


Extreme Sports

There is no better way to capture the adrenaline of a fast-paced competition than from the sky. We film snowsports, motocross, enduro, downhill mtn biking, and more.

Athletic Races

Showcase distance runs and bike races with a level of natural beauty never seen before by traditional filming. Athletes love to see the mountain they just conquered from the sky.

Real Estate

Quantify a magnificent and stunning structure or entire estate in a new and unique way, while capturing the stature that it deserves and true identity that it represents.


Frame unique destinations and majestic settings with an aerial perspective never seen before. Capture your destination's true beauty, scale and magnitude.



Add significant value to your next Web, TV program, Documentary or Digital Video Marketing production while setting it apart from the rest with a dynamic aerial shot.



Uniquely display your product or service in action in a whole new way. Catch your audience's attention rapidly and maintain their interest. Aerial shots show people more!



Share that special day with all your loved ones for years to come with stunningly vivid aerial video coverage. Nothing will make for a more impressive memory of your beautiful wedding.


Golf Courses

Promote your beautifully designed course with a fully documented low-altitude aerial video tour. Go beyond a traditional satellite image and show golfers the progression of each hole, from tee to green.


Site Inspections

Save time and resources to survey large, hard to access equipment with live video feed technology. Record project progress and provide HD video analysis for inspection and maintenance purposes.

Our Team

Meet the team that is making the impossible a reality.

Blake Scott Founder and CEO

Blake manages project productions, business operations and on-site filming.

Rachel Firmin Camera Operator

Rachel specializes in both on-site camera operation, marketing and business management.

Ian Madsen Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for on site filming, graphic design, marketing and external communications.

Our Portfolio

Some of Our Featured Works so far

  • Evolution Motorsports

    Phoenix, AZ
  • Moto & Enduro

    Moab, Utah
  • San Blas Islands

  • XTERRA Lory Triathlon

    Fort Collins, Co
  • North Table Climbing

    Golden, Co
  • Remote Rainforest Village

    La Conga, Panama
  • YOLO Triathlon

    Aurora, Co
  • Mountain Biking

    Fort Collins, Co
  • Skiing and Snowboarding

    Winter Park, Co

Contact Us

Please send us an email for more information, logistics and pricing, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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SkyPixel Media provides leading edge aerial filming for commercial advertising, travel and tourism, TV, films, and adventure sports. Our compact and transportable equipment allows us to be on location anywhereSend us an email for a quote on your production.

9249 S Broadway Suite #200-224
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